Transforming Individuals & Organizations one habit at a time

We'll be motivating and bringing the power of habit your team, sharing life-changing habits with your employees to improve your company's results. This is a fully customized training from a 1-hour Keynote to a 4-hour Workshop.

Being happy is not being naive...
It’s developing some habits that lead to results for you and your company in an effective way. It's scientifically proven that happy brains perform much better than neutral or negative brains.

We will show you how to be realistic in the present while you are maximizing your potential for the future and give you the tools to cultivate the habits and the mentality that will lead you to more happiness and success, which were proven scientifically by hundreds of studies in the field of positive psychology.


  • How to set and achieve goals (People with goals are not only more successful but also happier)
  • The importance of your attitude (What you think of your cirumstances is more important than the cirumstances themselves)
  • The Power of Focus (Where you put your attention changes everything)
  • The Mind-Body-Connection (Your mind influences you body, but you body posture can also influence your mind)
  • Effectively managing emotions (Why does the emotion come up and how can you facilitate positive emotions)
  • Healthy professional relationships (Good relationships are the #1 predictor of happiness and raise productivity and committment)
  • How to maximize your performance (Positive brains function better. You can learn how to reap the benefits)


Positive Managers are 31% more productive and so are their employees. A Gallup study found that companies in the USA lose 360.000.000.000 US Dollars each year because of lost productivity from employees that don’t get along with their bosses.
Positive CEOs can raise customer satisfaction 42%. Your employees become the best ambassadors of your brand.
Unhappy workers take 1,25 more sick days per month than happy workers. That's 15 days/year. (Gallup-Healthways Well-being Index. 2008) According to the Gallup report about “The State of the American Workplace” from 2013 up to 70% of employees are not happy at their workplace. 50% of those unhappy workers are disengaged and the other 20% are so frustrated, they even sabotage their company. Do the math.
Optimistic sales people sell 56% more than their pessimistic colleagues.

Testimonials (references available upon request)

"Thank you for your presentation to 150 employees from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I left the presentation with very positive feelings. You gave us simple, actionable steps that will improve our personal and professional lives. The real-life examples and naming of sources for the science has made the whole thing for me very alive and tangible. Awesome!"

Thomas Schmückle, Head of Service Management, Enterprise DACH, Colt Technology Services

"Marc has generated a positive atmosphere from the beginning of the day. His presentation was dynamic, clear, concise and very motivating. He taught us techniques and exercises to be happy that we can apply from NOW in our professional and personal life. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious. The response of the team was very positive, valuing the session as very necessary in the current economic and competitive environment. Immediately after Marc's presentation the office environment improved and is still at a good level according to our metrics. We hope to invite Marc again soon."

Guillem Abril, Area Sales Manager, National Instruments Spain

"Many thanks for your great presentation. I received really good feed-back and you can imagine that a lot of people are interested in receiving your book. I have appreciated the fact that you were really genuine during the meeting. We were all impressed by the fantastic success of your book and the truth of what you say. You gave us practical tools and tips that can help in every day. Once more thank you for your conference and my intention is to invite you next year to come again at UEFA."

Barbara Albertoni, Training and Development Officer, UEFA

"It has been spectacular to see the revolution that you generated in the spirit of that group! You have no idea of the impact you achieved on those 150+ entrepreneurs that night! It was the first time that a bestselling author of books on personal growth gave us a talk and has opened his heart and has inspired us and filled us with enthusiasm and empowerment. You have helped us to understand that everything is possible in our lives if you follow some simple steps and change some daily habits. We learned a lot. Thanks once more from our group! Weeks have passed, and they still talk to me about that conference."

Tito Rojas, Award-winning TV director and Business Owner

"Marc facilitated part of our first ever staff team development event. The session was incredibly positive and fully interactive and we all got to know each other better and the best thing was that we laughed a lot - something we really needed to do. Lots of difficult issues were resolved just by sharing that moment together."

Dr. Steve Mallon, Academic Director, Geneva Business School, Barcelona Campus

“Thanks to Marc, who was present among us but a way that his presence wasn’t noticed, allowing us to flow and enjoy the emotions that arose with each one of the activities, the group could feel like such, a group, knowing the rest of the group thinks of each of us in a constructive and very fun way. It was undoubtedly a very enriching experience and highly recommended for companies looking for greater cohesion and integration of their employees.”

Paloma Garcia, Campus Operations Manager, Geneva Business School, Barcelona Campus

"Thank you Marc. We really enjoyed your presentation and I believe that you fully captivated the audience. One student came into my office afterwards and seemed very liberated by your words. Your delivery was indeed fresh and inspiring, and we gained a lot from what you shared with us today. We look forward to presentation number 2 in the near future.”

Lisa Williams, Head of Admissions and Academic Administration, Geneva Business School

"Marc came to our company twice, once to teach us how to be more productive and another time to teach us the advantages of having a positive mentality and how this improves the results of each employee and the company as a whole. These are habits which can be adopted quickly and have very positive consequences. We were really impressed that everything is scientifically proven. We continue to apply his method, and the truth is that we are much more productive and there is a much better atmosphere at work. Soon we will invite him again.”

Eduard Arrufi, CEO and founder, EdarAssesors

"Marc is a very enthusiastic and inspiring person who knows how to put himself in an entrepreneur’s shoes, explaining interesting tips to help us improve in our daily life as professionals and as individuals in a clear, entertaining and enjoyable way”

Neus Coll, Manager, CINC Business Center & Consulting

"We are very happy to have met Marc and the time he has spent with us has been a real treat for us. In our work every day there are urgent, unforeseen things that can not wait and new challenges, big or small. Many times it seems impossible to fit them in the agenda, but they have to be done yes or yes in order for the project to move forward. Marc's conference has been an inspiration to reinvent ourselves and learn to be more efficient without losing motivation and joy."

Olga Feliu - Director of the MONA Foundation

Getting Results

We're providing clear and precise instructions on how to be happier in the company and will inspire our audience to create extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives. 

The training contains the best exercises for the development of good habits. Our goal for you is to achieve sustainable change instead of providing instant motivation that quickly loses its effect Marc will share the exercises that took him from jobless to bestselling author with more than 900,000 sales and downloads, speaker, and business school teacher 

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